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At Morris Dental Associates, we are dedicated to providing you and your family with good oral health that can last a lifetime. Our dental office is a friendly, loving environment that welcomes all patients in Abilene, Texas. We offer all the dental services your family may need under one roof. 

At Morris Dental Associates, our priority is you and your family. Our team is friendly and would love to answer any questions. We welcome patients of all ages, including infants. Lastly, we offer several amenities for our patients, such as an overhead television, laughing gas, headset, and massage chairs. If you are interested in learning more about Morris Dental Associates or if you would like to schedule an appointment, call our office today. 

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6 Reasons to Choose Morris Dental Associates

All Ages Welcome

We encourage infants to visit our dental office. We encourage patients of all ages to visit. As a family dental practice, we are here to help you and your family achieve good oral health. We provide universal care for all ages and all smiles. Whether you want to become established with a dental practice or want your dental concerns addressed, we welcome you. We are a local dentist in the Abilene, Texas, area dedicated to you and your family’s well-being. 

Infants Welcome

Dr. Morris recommends that your infant has their first dental visit as young as six months old. When examining your child, Dr. Morris will look for a lip or tongue-tie, which can cause feeding, dental, and speaking difficulties. Dr. Morris can repair this condition with minimal pain and recovery time using a Solea laser. Call our dental office if you are a parent in Abilene, Texas, looking for a lip or tongue tie release. 

Overhead Television with Cable

We offer overhead televisions to help distract you during the dental procedure. You can watch your favorite television show on our televisions, such as HGTV or Disney Channel. Many patients find it relaxing to watch their favorite show while Dr. Morris and her team work on their teeth.

Friendly Atmosphere

As natives of the area, our team loves Abilene, Texas, and its tremendous community. Our team specializes in treating patients and their families. Our friendly staff makes every day at the dental office fun for all patients. At our office, we want you to feel welcome throughout your visit. Ask our friendly team if you have any questions before, during, or after your stay. We would be happy to answer any questions and discuss treatment options for you. 

Unique Dental Experience

Dr. Morris and her team know that visiting the dentist can cause anxiety in significantly younger patients. We take extra measures to help our patients relax and enjoy the experience. 


If you do not like the noises at the dental office, a headset may be an excellent option for you. With the headset, you can listen to your favorite music. Many patients find this calming during their dental procedures. 

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