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Many patients receive a dental implant to restore a missing tooth. However, they still need an implant crown to complete the restoration. At Morris Dental Associates, Dr. Morris provides implant crowns for her community of Abilene, Texas. An implant crown is similar to a traditional crown. However, it sits on top of a dental implant.


What is a Dental Implant?

At Morris Dental Associates, Dr. Morris recommends top dental implant specialists for her patients to visit. Patients who can benefit from a dental implant are missing a tooth and the tooth’s root. Patients may not have a tooth because of dental decay or an accident that caused their tooth to be knocked out. There are two main parts of the dental implant that the implant specialist will perform. The first is the post, which replaces the tooth’s root in the gums. The second is the piece attaching the post to the implant crown, the abutment. 


What is an Implant Crown?

After your implant has healed, Dr. Morris recommends that you visit her practice for the implant crown. An implant crown is similar to a traditional crown. To place the implant crown, Dr. Morris will first take an impression of your teeth. After making the impression, she will send it to a lab to create the implant crown. An implant crown is typically made of porcelain, durable and stain-resistant material. 


How Do I Care for My Implant Crown?

Dr. Morris recommends that patients care for their implant crown similarly to caring for their other teeth. She recommends a good oral health routine. You should brush, floss, and use mouthwash twice a day during an oral health routine. A good oral health routine will prevent bacteria from collecting on your teeth, which can cause damage. Dr. Morris also recommends that patients visit Morris Dental Associates every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. During the exam, Dr. Morris will inspect the implant crown for damage. Regular check-ups allow Dr. Morris to monitor the health of your teeth and your implant crown. 


When Would I Need an Implant Crown?

If you have experienced dental decay, crack, or break where your dentist could not save the tooth, you may need an implant crown. Dental implants, which sit under the implant crown, are often only recommended when extracting the tooth’s root. If we remove the tooth’s root and we don’t place an implant, your surrounding teeth may begin to shift, and the jawbone may become weak. The tooth’s natural root or a dental implant’s post stimulates the bone in the jaw, making it strong. Without this stimulation, the bone can lose its density, making it harder to place a dental implant and an implant crown in the future. 


How Long Do Implant Crowns Last?

Although your dental implant can last a lifetime, your implant crown typically lasts from 10 to 30 years, depending on the usage of the implant crown and the care. If you care for your crown, such as maintaining a good oral health routine, your crown can last longer. If you are concerned about the lifespan of your implant crown, contact our office. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Choosing to get a dental implant can be a big decision. At Morris Dental Associates, we are here to help you enhance your smile during the dental implant journey with implant crowns. Call our dental office today if you are interested in an implant crown or would like to schedule an appointment.