Laser Dentistry in Abilene, Texas

Our goal at Morris Dental Associates is to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible during their dental procedures. We offer the Solea laser to help our patients feel relaxed during operations. With laser dentistry, Dr. Morris can perform gum and lip/tongue tip release surgeries with minimal pain and a quicker recovery time. Dr. Morris is not the only dentist using this Laser dentist in the area, but she was the first dentist to provide Laser dentistry with the Solea laser in Abilene.

solea Laser Dentistry Morris Dental Associates Dentist in Abilene, TX Dr. Amy Morris, DDS

What is the Solea Laser?

The Solea laser is a state-of-the-art dentistry laser used to perform complex surgeries. The Solea laser can cut through gum tissue with little to no pain. With the Solea laser, Dr. Morris does not need to use an anesthetic shot or a scalpel. If you have a young child or infant that needs a lip/tongue tie release, or if you have dental anxiety, this procedure is perfect for you. Dr. Morris can do several different techniques with the Solea laser. 


Lip and Tongue Tie Release

Patients with ankyloglossia, or a lip or tongue tie, are at risk for several problems. Your child may experience a hard time breastfeeding, and they could have childhood tooth decay speech and airway concerns, among other matters. The traditional way to perform this procedure is to release the tie by cutting the tissue with a scalpel. With the Solea laser, Dr. Morris can remove the tie with little to no pain and a shorter recovery time. 


Gum Surgery

Another procedure the Solea laser is used with is gum surgery. During this surgery, Dr. Morris can lengthen or shorten your gums. Many patients feel that their gums are too big or too small. Dr. Morris can vaporize unwanted gums or use a gum graft to extend your gums with the Solea laser.  


Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Little to No Pain. The Solea laser uses vaporization to release a lip/tongue tie. The vaporization is powered by light energy. The patient will have less pain afterward, decreasing the need for pain medication during recovery.
  • Shorter Recovery Time. Since we don’t use a scalpel to cut or sutures during the procedure, the recovery time significantly decreases. Your child will be back to normal quickly with the Solea laser surgery, compared to a traditional lip/tongue tie surgery. 
  • Decreased Risk for Infection. The Solea laser sterilizes and cauterizes as it vaporizes the tissue. With this technology, there is a reduced risk of infection. Many parents and patients love this because there is less chance that they or their child will get sick following the surgery. 
  • Awake During the Procedure. The patient can be awake during the process. Without anesthesia, there are fewer complication risks, and the patient does not feel sleepy the entire day of the surgery. 


Often patients worry about the surgery procedure and complications that can accompany it. With the Solea laser, many of the worries are gone. Dr. Morris uses the Solea laser in her practice to decrease pain, anesthesia, and recovery time. Many patients visit Morris Dental Associates for lip and tongue tie releases and gum surgeries. Infants to adults can receive surgery from the Solea laser. It is the perfect solution to improve your oral health. Call our dental office today for more information about the Solea laser or to schedule an appointment.