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If you or your children want high-quality orthodontics in Abilene, Texas, you are in the right place. At Morris Dental Associates, we offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments for all ages. We recommend that patients visit us as young as seven years old to begin their orthodontic journey. 


When Should My Child See the Orthodontist?

Dr. Morris recommends that patients as young as seven years old come to Morris Dental Associates for an orthodontic evaluation. However, if your child has an orthodontic concern before age seven, you should bring them to our office. Orthodontic problems can include crowded teeth, a protruding jaw, difficulty biting and chewing, or thumb and finger sucking. Dr. Morris often recommends that patients visit the dentist early because the younger they are, the more malleable their jaw is, making it easier to manipulate. If your child is seven or has a noticeable orthodontic concern, bring them into Morris Dental Associates. We would be happy to evaluate them. 


What Type of Orthodontics Treatments are Offered in Abilene, Texas?

At Morris Dental Associates, our team offers a wide range of orthodontic solutions. From traditional braces to palatal expanders to retainers. Below is more information about each solution offered at Morris Dental Associates. 

  • Traditional Braces. Traditional braces are the most common orthodontic treatment because they are reliable and work for almost every patient. Traditional braces are made up of a bracket and archwire system. The brackets adhere to your tooth while the archwires fit through the brackets to make the braces one system. As your treatment progresses, Dr. Morris will tighten your braces to allow the teeth to shift into a straighter position. In addition to the brackets and archwires. You or your child can choose different colors to style your braces. 
  • Fixed Space Maintainers. For patients that have lost a baby tooth too early, Dr. Morris may recommend a fixed space maintainer. This appliance will hold the space for the permanent tooth to erupt. It prevents other teeth from crowding the area before the permanent tooth has a chance to occupy it. 
  • Palatal Expander. Some patients have narrow palates in their upper jaw, making it hard for teeth to sit straight. Dr. Morris may recommend a palatal expander. This appliance sits on the top of your upper jaw and is tightened every day with a key. This process puts pressure on the palate and encourages it to widen to allow the teeth to sit comfortably. 
  • Retainers. We use retainers for several dental procedures; however, often, they are used after orthodontic treatment to keep the teeth in place. After orthodontic treatment, Dr. Morris recommends that patients wear their retainers to prevent the teeth from shifting. 
  • Rubber Bands. Depending on your situation, Dr. Morris may recommend rubber bands. She can use the rubber bands to draw the bottom jaw forward with this treatment. Many patients like rubber bands because they can choose the color of the bands. For example, some people choose rubber bands based on their favorite sports team or holiday. 


At Morris Dental Associates, we strive to help patients achieve their dream smile. Many young patients and their parents want straight teeth. We support the Abilene, Texas community with their orthodontic needs. 

From traditional braces to retainers, Morris Dental Associates offers a wide variety of orthodontic treatments. Dr. Morris recommends that children as young as seven years old visit the office for an orthodontic consultation. Early intervention allows Dr. Morris time to diagnose and treat orthodontic concerns before the palate becomes too hard. Call our office today for more information about orthodontic treatment in Abilene, Texas, or schedule an appointment.