Abilene Dentist

May 01, 2022
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Abilene Dentist

Abilene Dentist

At Morris Dental Associates, we are your Abilene dentist. Dr. Morris and her team are fun, friendly, and knowledgeable about providing high-quality dental services. They offer a wide range of services, from preventative dentistry to restorative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. If you are looking for a dental office in the Abilene area that is comfortable and compassionate, look no further than your Abilene dentist, Dr. Morris at Morris Dental Associates. 


Preventative Abilene Dentist

Dr. Morris is a preventive Abilene dentist. She focuses on helping patients maintain good oral hygiene to avoid dental concerns and maintain good overall health. Dr. Morris recommends that her patients in Abilene, Texas, practice good oral hygiene habits inside and out of the dental office. At-home patients should establish a good oral hygiene routine. A good oral hygiene routine includes brushing, flossing, and mouthwash twice a day. Patients should use a soft-bristled toothbrush with low-abrasive, fluoridated toothpaste.

Additionally, patients should visit Morris Dental Associates every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. During the dental cleaning, Dr. Morris and her team will remove hard-to-get plaque and tartar. Removing plaque and tartar will help you prevent the development of tooth decay. During the dental exam, Dr. Morris will look for any dental concerns and recommend dental treatment. It is essential to address dental concerns to avoid spreading into more significant problems. 


Restorative Abilene Dentist

Dr. Morris is also a restorative Abilene dentist who helps patients of Abilene, Texas, and surrounding areas restore their teeth to good health. Restorative dentistry addresses dental concerns such as decay and gum disease. Standard therapeutic dentistry procedures include dental fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and dental bonding. If you have a toothache, visit Dr. Morris for an evaluation. You may need a restorative dentistry procedure to restore your teeth and gums to health. 


Cosmetic Abilene Dentist

In the Abilene, Texas, area and beyond, Dr. Morris is an excellent dentist for cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Morris performs many cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, laser dentistry, orthodontics, and more. These procedures can help you whiten, enlarge, and straighten your smile. If you want to transform the appearance of your smile, visit Dr. Morris at Morris Dental Associates in Abilene, Texas. 


High-Quality Abilene Dentist

Dr. Morris provides other procedures at Morris Dental Associates, are dental guards, TMJ treatment, and sedation dentistry. Dental guards are great for patients that play contact sports or if they have trouble sleeping. Patients who play contact marks are more likely to get hit in the mouth and injure a tooth or soft tissue. Mouthguards worn during contact sports help prevent this. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea or who grind their teeth at night can benefit from a nightguard. A nightguard can move the jaw forward in obstructive sleep apnea treatment, allowing more airflow. For patients that grind their teeth at night, a nightguard can protect the top layer of the tooth, the enamel, from becoming scraped off. Dr. Morris can also adjust your teeth and jaw to help relieve TMJ discomfort.

Lastly, Dr. Morris uses sedation dentistry to help patients who are anxious about a procedure or to relieve discomfort during the process. Sedation dentistry can include laughing gas or a patient’s pill before a system to make them more comfortable. Some of the procedures Dr. Morris offers, such as laser dentistry, have decreased pain and do not need numbing medications. If you are nervous about your following dental practice, call our office to learn more about sedation dentistry. 

Dr. Morris, your Abilene dentist, is dedicated to providing comfortable, compassionate, high-quality dental care. Dr. Morris offers several ways to help you maintain and improve the health and appearance of your smile. Call our office for more information about Morris Dental Associates in Abilene, Texas, or schedule an appointment.